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What is it for

Do your customers have problems with machine applying your labels due to the potential of heavy die cutting into the liner or adhesive bleeding in to the cut mark?If the answer to these questions is yes then Unishift labelshifter is the correct solution for your business.

How does it work

The Unishift labelshifter moves labels from their original position and repositions them on to a completely new area of the liner negating all of the inherent issues associated with pressure sensitive die cutting of label stock.

Fully adjustable

Unishift labelshifter allows the labels to be repositioned by an operator defined amount into their new position whilst also offering the ability to alter the web angle and also the amount of nip pressure that is fully adjustable when re-laminating the label back on to the original liner.


The Unishift labelshifter module with zero electrical, pneumatic or machine control connections/integrations can be easily retrofitted in to almost all existing production machines with absolute simplicity.

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