LeoLED Standard

GEW’s LeoLED Standard has a unique concept: deliver more UV dose for your money than any other product available. Over 5 years of product development & the latest LED technology combine to transform the economics of UV LED curing. Fully water-cooled, LeoLED provides over 35% more dose and 40% higher irradiance than GEW’s previous LED models.

LeoLED Standard is water-cooled with a compact 40x100mm profile while extensive customisation integration is available to ensure our system fits your press. Furthermore, the system has a large window which allows for maximum light extraction from the lamp and delivers maximum UV dosage to your substrate.

Like all our UV products, LeoLED is powered by GEW’s RHINO power supply which uniquely allows GEW customers the flexibility of ArcLED without having to invest in a new independent power system. It is also controlled by RHINO control which comes as standard with IoT remote monitoring for the fastest most effective service response in the industry.

Also available in a Cassette version, LeoLED Standard is perfect for sheetfed offset printing machines and can be manufactured from 15cm to 170cm, with multiple lampheads being used in tandem where greater curing widths are required.

Benefits of LeoLED Standard

  • Print on plastics – UV LED polymer inks allow successful printing on almost all stock types.
  • Sharper dots and vibrant colours – GEW’s LEDs achieve sharper dots, more vibrant colours and a better quality finished product.
  • No more marking and scratching, no more sealer – UV LED inks and varnishes are 100% cured directly after the LED lamp. As inks are dried instantly, marking of sheets in the delivery or during the perfecting process is eliminated.
  • Instant drying for faster job turnaround – Instant drying of inks enables immediate finishing and much faster despatch of jobs.
  • 100% UV uptime – The printer never waits for the UV lamps because GEW’s LEDs’ instant on-off switching means no warm-up or cool-down cycles.
  • No heat – Unlike H-UV or traditional mercury lamps, LEDs emit very little infrared heat towards the substrate.

GEW UV LED at work

LeoLED Standard specification

Max electrical power 88W / cm
Peak wavelength 395nm**
Irradiance at window 30W / cm²*
Typical dose @ 100m / min 270mJ / cm²*
Maximum length 170cm
Standard cross section 100mm W x 40mm H
Cooling Water
Standard max operating temperature 40°C (104°F)
Standard max humidity Non-condensing

GEW Retrofit Spotlight video

The prospect of retrofitting a busy, working press with a UV curing system can be daunting. How long will it take? How much production time will be lost? How will it affect the press? What if there are unforeseen problems? Will technical support be provided?

Our Retrofit Spotlight video addresses these and many other common questions, in detail. Watch now.