GEW’s LeoLED Cassette has a unique concept: deliver more UV dose for your money than any other product available. Over 5 years of product development and the latest LED technology combine to transform the economics of UV LED curing. Fully water-cooled, LeoLED provides over 35% more dose and 40% higher irradiance than GEW’s previous LED models.

No other product on the market enables you to print faster, whilst the cassette is designed to interchange with every current arc lamp model in GEW’s range. This ArcLED concept gives ultimate flexibility on press, and is also the cheapest route to upgrade any existing GEW UV system to LED – only the LED cassette and the chiller are required.

Like all our UV products, LeoLED is powered by GEW’s RHINO power supply for ultimate reliability and controlled by RHINO Control which comes as standard with IoT remote monitoring. This allows our customers the flexibility to go ArcLED without having to invest in a whole new, independent system.

Also available in our ‘Standard’ 40 x 100mm profile, LeoLED Cassette is perfect for web machines and can be manufactured up to 170cm, in 25mm increments. Where required, GEW can use more than one lamphead in tandem to cure any width.

Benefits of LeoLED

  • Faster curing – LeoLEDs industry-leading dose output supports the market’s fastest printing speeds.
  • Print without limitations – Unsupported films, shrink sleeves and other delicate materials can be processed without heat damage.
  • Reduced energy consumption – Higher electrical efficiency of LEDs and instant on/off switching allow typical energy savings over 50% (versus a brand new UV Arc system).
  • Increased machine uptime – No moving parts for low maintenance and no warm-up/cool-down means less UV related downtime = better press productivity.
  • Longest LED warranty – LeoLED diodes are proven to run 40,000 hours*. GEW offers up to 3 years warranty irrespective of running hours.
    • *Lumen Maintenance Life Projection according to IES LM-80 and IES TM-21
  • No ozone, no mercury – GEW LEDs produce no ozone, so there are no air extraction requirements.

GEW UV LED at work

LeoLED specification

Max electrical power 70W / cm†
Peak wavelength 395nm**
Irradiance at window 25W / cm²*
Typical dose @ 100m / min 235mJ / cm²*
Maximum length 170cm
Standard cross section 110mm W x 190mm H
Cooling Water
Standard max operating temperature 40°C (104°F)
Standard max humidity Non-condensing

GEW Retrofit Spotlight video

The prospect of retrofitting a busy, working press with a UV curing system can be daunting. How long will it take? How much production time will be lost? How will it affect the press? What if there are unforeseen problems? Will technical support be provided?

Our Retrofit Spotlight video addresses these and many other common questions, in detail. Watch now.