Digitalni laserski tisk etiket v roli


Tisk 5000 barvnih etiket v dveh urah

Širina role do 215mm

Tisk na standardne tiskarske materiale

Hitro, enostavno do kvalitetnega digitalnega odtisa etiket v roli

Zakaj ANY-002

Barvni tisk do 5000 etiket v dveh urah

Any-002 je možno uporabiti kjerkoli, tudi v pisarni

Od oblikovanja do etikete v parih minutah

Enostavna uporaba

Konkurenčen strošek odtisa etikete

Tisk na standardne materiale brez posebnih premazov površin

Možnost tiska na pred izsekane etikete

Vinska embalaža

Podpora rol do 30cm premera

Za vinske etikete, varnostne etikete in še več...



Prompt and convenient data processing
  • Prints maximum 1.2m-long labels
  • Prints labels with user-preferred colors based on the color management by RIP software
  • Convenient production of variable data such as barcodes, QR codes, and serial numbers (available option)
  • Sensor for printing on pre-cut label
Faster output, faster delivery
  • Maximum printing speed of 9m per minute (30feet/minute)
  • High-capacity 256MB RAM and HDD 160GB to support big file
High-resolution label printing
  • Highly stable digital LED engine
  • Resolution of 600 X 1200dpi through toner base
Interface and software
  • Interface : High-speed USB, TCP/IP
  • OS : Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7
  • S/W : Compose Rip S/W, Wasatch Rip S/W, Windows driver
Effective and economical printing work
  • Various materials can be supported (art papers, certified PP and PET) and thickness.
  • Capacity of toner cartridge: (5% coverage of A4 sized paper) K-11,000 pages / CMY -11,500 pages
  • Capacity of Image Drums : 28,000
  • Capacity of transfer belt / fuser unit : 60,000
  • The basic media of 215mm X 500m
  • It can print even an easily bending and thin media without being twisted by compensating ± 0.2mm linearity of media
General characteristics
  • Unwinder system / Rewinder system (option)
  • Maximum diameter of installed media rolls: 370mm (14.5″)
  • Diameter of the core inside : 7.62cm (3 inches)
  • Automatic or manual cutting after printing
  • Operating environment : Temperature 10°~32°, Humidity 20~80%
  • Power supply : 220~240VAC, 50~60Hz
  • Power consumption : usual 600W, Maximum 1,300W
  • Weight : 130kg
  • Dimension : 1176mm(L) X 458mm(W) X 578mm(H)
Any-002 Laserski tisk etiket